Squirrel Watch: Day 35

Today was a fun day. I turned the squirrels’ cage into a bit of a jungle gym, by putting some dead branches from my oleander trees through the wires and using some binder clips on each end to prevent them from slipping back inside the cage. Watch a couple of the guys checking them out:

One of the gang seems to have weaned himself, which would be fine except that he’s the smallest of the bunch. For both feedings, he retreated to the back wall of the cage where I couldn’t reach him. This was the same guy who was climbing the wire front of the cat carrier before his eyes were open, and who then opened his eyes when he was still quite small, so it’s possible he was the runt of his litter and is underweight relative to his age and level of development. I’ve been putting the leftover formula from a feeding session into a shallow container and placing it in the cage so he can drink from that if it’s just a matter of him not wanting to be hand-fed. I did see one of the squirrels drinking from the bowl, but it wasn’t him, so I don’t know if he’s taking advantage of the option or not. Oh, well, I’m sure if he was hungry enough, he’d come forward. It certainloy doesn’t seem like he’s suffering from any loss of energy…

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