Squirrel Watch: Day 36

I was finally able to get my little guy out of the cage today—twice! In the morning, he only drank 3cc of formula, but my bigger goal was to weigh him, since I hadn’t been able to for a couple of days. Well, easier said than done… When I put him in the shoebox on the scale, he wouldn’t pause for the second it takes for the scale to register the correct weight. Instead, it kept rotating through a list of numbers, ranging from about 180g to 290g! Not too helpful. But I was able to weigh him this evening, and he seems to still be gaining weight, so that’s good.

He was acting a little funny today, though. When the four others were running and jumping around the cage, he was either staying in the hammock or hiding under the shoebox. I can’t see any signs of anything wrong with him health-wise, so I’m not sure why his behaviour has changed (he used to run around as much as the others). Maybe he’s just been eating more solid food to make up for the lack of formula, and that’s making him a little less frantic? I’ll be keeping a closer eye on him tomorrow, though, just to make sure everything’s okay. He did take in 12cc of formula at this evening’s feeding, so I don’t know if that will make a difference or not.

I’ll be reducing their feedings to once a day starting tomorrow. They’re all large enough now for this final step before moving to an outdoor enclosure. However, I wasn’t comfortable just going straight from twice a day to once a day (seems like a pretty dramatic change), so tonight I fed them about half the amount of normal, and I gave it to them a little earlier so they’d go a little longer overnight without feeding. That way I hope that going a whole 24 hours between feedings won’t be quite so shocking to their systems.

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