And So It Begins…

I got my first squirrels of the season on Friday. There are three of them—two girls and a boy, all Eastern Greys—and them came in around 45g each, making them probably somewhere between three and four weeks old now.

These guys were found in a nest in someone’s roof when the person was having some work done to it. So they had no injuries, which is good. The arrived at the Center last Sunday and my home-care colleague, Carla, took care of them for the first several days, so they were in good shape when I got them. They’re all eating, peeing, and pooping well, which is about all we can ask at this point in their lives. 🙂

Here are some first pics.

Wish us all luck!

2 thoughts on “And So It Begins…

  1. carla

    Another year, another squirrel season. May this one be much calmer, lighter and easier than the last. Here’s to healthy squirrels! Hip Hip Hoorah!

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