Squirrel Watch: Day 23

I left my squirrels with their “babysitter” this morning and I miss them already! But Connie is one of the most experienced members of the squirrel team, so at least I know they’re in terrific hands.

Since I don’t have much to report today (fortunately, they were all in peak health when I handed them over), and I won’t be posting again for another week, I thought I’d just share some more videos and pictures.

Spider Squirrel, Spider Squirrel
Does whatever a Spider Squirrel Does…

In this video, keep your eye on the shoebox to the left of the cage. That’s where I put the squirrels after I feed them, which makes it easier to keep track of who’s already been fed without having to pick up the same ones up over and over again.

And check out these two pics. I took the first one on the third day I had them, and the second one this morning.

Cool, eh?

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