Squirrel Watch: Day 41

Another video. I shot these clips by holding the camera, rather than using the tripod, so they may be a little shakier than usual. But it was easier for me to follow the action this way.

These were taken when they’ve been going to town on the solid food after their formula feeding. I had tried avocado when they were younger and they didn’t seem to go for it. But as you’ll see in the last shot, that’s not the case anymore. One of the things I find really funny about these guys is when one of them is eating something, like a grape or a dandelion leaf, and another one tries to eat it at the same time, even though there are plenty more of the same thing in the cage.

I don’t have a shot of this, but one of the girls was able to crack open a walnut yesterday. Previously, they could only get into them if they were partially cracked already, but she definitely got this one started all on her own.

On another note… I’ve mentioned a few times about the wonders of Pedialyte for taking care of the squirrels’ various health problems. Today, I ran across this article about some athletes swearing by it as well:

> Three Yards and a Drink That Tastes Like Dust

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