Foxy Finds a Family

I said goodbye to my Fox squirrel today. She gained about 15g while she was here, and started climbing, so I guess she did okay by me. But June managed to find a volunteer from another wildlife center who had taken in two small male Foxes in May, still with their eyes closed, and now my little one will be joining them.

Even though I only had her for a few days, I’m going to miss her. No matter how hard we try, you can’t help but become attached to a living creature that depends on you for its very life (and I think anyone who could stay completely detached wouldn’t be likely to sign up for this gig!). But we always have to consider what’s best for our furry friends and there’s no doubt that she’ll be a lot happier with two big brothers showing her the ropes.

I didn’t have a chance to get many pics of Foxy because, after I would feed her, she would usually immediately crawl to the back of the cage and snuggle in with the t-shirts. But here are a couple of final shots I managed to get to remember her by. (Check out that gorgeous tail!)

Fare well, Foxy. And when you’re ready… GO WILD! 🙂

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