Going Squir Crazy

These guys aren’t going to be with me much longer. It’s not just a matter of their size (over 310g yesterday!), but they’re so obviously ready to move to bigger and better quarters, as you can see by their energetic antics in this video compilation.

I’ve seen a huge difference in their behaviour in just the last week. Before then, they were still sleeping most of the day, and when they were up and about, they’d be hanging around on the floor of the cage or resting in the shoebox.

Now they’re up for much longer periods of time and they spend most of that time eating, running, jumping, climbing, and wrestling. So since they’ll be moving to an outdoor enclosure within the next few days, I thought it would be a good time to post a few more recent pics to enjoy while they’re still with me.

3 thoughts on “Going Squir Crazy

  1. Carole Moore

    OMG, these are the cutest, Elizabeth! I have rescued babies, but always turned them over to licensed rehabbers, so I have never really seen them play up close like this. They act like kittens. They are adorable. You do such good work!
    (The web address (www.officer.com) is where I’m blogging on missing/unidentified persons. It’s a new thing for me, but I’ll learn a lot by reading blogs like yours. I love the video!)

  2. C.E. Murray

    Those sweet faces – and they are – belie the savagery this beauties are going to need to survive. Bless them all! I note this because I am in the final stages of preparing three of my own for a release and, of course, I look at yours and feel the same fondness. We wish them well and send them on their way!

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